9 parties out of 38 in NDA did not contest the last Loksabha election, how many parties are there out of 26 in INDIA?

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NDA vs INDIA hindi news:
On July 18, the ruling and opposition coalitions in Delhi and Bengaluru have tried to show their strength by gathering the number of parties. But, we want to investigate what is the electoral reality of the parties involved in both the alliances?

Opposition parties have formed a new alliance called INDIA, which includes 26 big and small parties. In response, the 25-year-old BJP-led NDA has tried to show its political prowess on opposition unity by increasing the number of big and small parties to 38.

9 parties included in NDA did not contest the Lok Sabha elections
But, the truth is that 25 of the 38 allies of the ruling National Democratic Alliance or NDA do not have a single MP in the Lok Sabha. The interesting thing is that out of the parties with whom the BJP wants to come back to power with a third consecutive victory in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, 9 of them did not even give any candidate in the last election.

Not a single candidate from 16 parties of NDA won
Out of the 38 parties included in the NDA, out of 29 parties which had contested elections, the account of 16 parties was not even opened. That is, 16 allies of NDA had entered the fray in the last election, but not even one of them got success.

BJP’s biggest ally Shiv Sena
Including the total 38 parties of NDA, there are a total of 332 MPs in the Lok Sabha. Ajit Pawar’s NCP has just entered in this. By the way, in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, BJP alone got 303 seats. Right now its biggest ally is the Shiv Sena led by Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde, which has 13 MPs.

10 parties included in INDIA zero in Lok Sabha
As far as the INDIA alliance of 26 political parties formed to oppose the BJP and the Narendra Modi government at the Center is concerned, there are very few parties that have any representation in the current Lok Sabha. Of the 26 parties in the opposition alliance, 10 do not have a single MP in the Lok Sabha.

According to the Election Commission data, the 10 parties in India that did not elect a single MP in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections are RJD, RLD, CPI (ML) Liberation, PDP, All India Forward Bloc, MDMK, KMDK, MMK , Kerala Congress (Joseph) and Apna Dal (Camerawadi).

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5 parties included in INDIA did not contest the Lok Sabha elections
On the other hand, according to the statistics of the Election Commission, there are 5 such parties in INDIA, who did not contest the last Lok Sabha elections. These parties are- MDMK, KMDK, MMK, Kerala Congress (Joseph) and Apna Dal (Camerawadi).

Not only this, an interesting figure is that among the 26 parties of the opposition alliance, the Congress has the maximum number of Lok Sabha MPs, while there are 4 parties whose only 1 MP could win the Lok Sabha elections. These parties are Jharkhand Mukti Morcha, Kerala Congress (M), RSP and VCK.

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