After Balasore, train derails in Andhra Pradesh, coach of Padmavati Express derailed, Video

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Padmavati Express Train Derail:
After the Balasore train accident in Odisha, now a train derailed in Andhra Pradesh on Wednesday. A coach of Padmavati Express derailed. The train derailed at Tirupati railway station.

It is a matter of pride that there was no casualty of any kind in this accident. It is a matter of relief that there were no passengers in the train when the incident took place. The train compartment was completely empty.

The incident took place when the coaches were being attached to the train. Had there been passengers in the compartment, a major accident would have happened. Even the lives of the passengers could have been lost. But thankfully there was no passenger in the coach. Railway employees have gathered to bring the coach back on track.

Central Railway CPRO says it was an empty train and was going for maintenance. The incident happened in the yard, not on the main line.

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