Ank Jyotish Rashifal 10th May: Number 3 people will be full of energy, read number horoscope

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Numerology: Today’s Radix 1’s friendly numbers are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9 and enemy numbers are 6, 8.


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Ank Astrology Rashifal 10th May

Ank Astrology Rashifal 10th May:
Today is 10 May 2023. Today’s Moolank is 1 whose lord is Sun and Bhagyank is 4 whose lord is Rahu. Today will be the day under the influence of Rahu and Sun. The day will be prosperous for the friendly numbers of Radix. The tasks will be completed efficiently, but those with enemy numbers will remain stuck in the hustle and bustle. They will have to spend the day being cautious. You can also see how your day will be on the basis of your radix or birth number.

Radix 1 : Date of Birth 1, 10, 19, 28

Today seems to be going in your favor. The numbers are indicating the completion of each of your tasks. Will get respect and position. There will be an inflow of money. Family life will be harmonious. Marital conflict will end. There will be intensity in love.

  • Remedy: Take blessings by touching the feet of father or father-like persons on this day. You will get auspicious results of Sun.

  • Lucky Number : 1, 5

Number 2: Date of Birth 2, 11, 20, 29

The mind will be happy. Today you will be full of confidence and energy. The blockage of money will end, due to which the work will move towards completion. You will get desired success in job and business. Health will be fine. There are chances of traveling with family.

  • Remedy: Leave the house after touching the feet of mother or women like mother, the moon will be strong.

  • Lucky Number : 2, 7

Number 3: Date of birth 3, 12, 21, 30

The day is auspicious, the work will be completed successfully. Money crunch will go away, money will come. There will be success in works related to house or vehicle. Health will remain good. Job and business will be fine. The day is auspicious to start new work. The mind will remain calm and happy.

  • Remedy: Get out of the house by chanting your guru mantras.

  • Lucky Number : 3, 2

Number 4: Date of birth 4, 13, 22, 31

There will be some disorientation and running. Will experience difficulty in taking any important decision. It is possible that today some of your decisions may also go wrong. Conditions are not good for job and business. Health will be fine. There will be harmony with the family.

  • Remedy: Do not leave your pocket empty. If you have any torn note in your pocket, remove it immediately.

  • Lucky Number : 4, 3

Radix 5: Date of birth 5, 14, 23

Progress in business, can start new work. Will meet new people, will travel in connection with the job. There can be differences with siblings regarding property. Illness may come. Married life will be normal but the distance of love relations will be less.

  • Remedy: Make sure to water the trees and plants today.

  • Lucky Number : 5, 3

Number 6: Date of birth 6, 15, 24

Stop running after materialistic pleasures, you will get them today just like that. Will meet a dear friend. Inflow of money will be good. There will be family harmony. Health will be fine but one has to be careful while using the vehicle in the evening.

  • Remedy: Wear nice and clean clothes.

  • Lucky Number : 6, 5

Number 7: Date of birth 7, 16, 25

The day can be full of controversies. You may have to face adverse situation in job and business. The mind will be sad if your work is not given importance. There will be a shortage of money. The day will be tiring physically and mentally.

  • Remedy: Avoid wearing black or gray colored clothes today.

  • Lucky Number: 7, 6

Number 8: Date of birth 8, 17, 26

The day is favorable but you have to keep your behavior balanced. Someone may feel bad about your words. The atmosphere in the family will be pleasant, but there may be difficulties at the workplace. If you are going to invest then be careful today. There may be difficulty in the job.

  • Remedy: Whatever footwear you are wearing today, make sure that it is not torn.

  • Lucky Number : 8, 4

Number 9: Date of birth 9, 18, 27

Today will be full of energy and confidence. Will not feel tired in spite of running. Job and business will be fine. New works can start today. The construction works will start. There are possibilities of monetary gains. Health will be fine.

  • Remedy: Wear red shirt.

  • Lucky Number : 9, 4

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