Free Tomato: This auto driver came out with a wonderful scheme, giving tomatoes for free, you can also take advantage of this

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Auto Driver Free Tomato Offer:
Tomato prices are skyrocketing. The price of one kg tomato has crossed Rs 150. In such a situation, the government has opened government sales centers to give relief to the people, where one kg of tomatoes are being sold to the people for between 80 to 90 rupees. In this episode, now an auto driver has come out with a unique scheme of free tomatoes for his customers.

Along with the expensive price of tomatoes on social media these days, an auto driver from Chandigarh has also gone viral. In fact, in the midst of costlier tomatoes, this auto driver of Chandigarh is giving tomatoes sold at Rs 150 per kg absolutely free of cost to his customers.

‘Take a ride, get one kilo of tomato free’

According to the report of India Today, the name of the auto driver, who has come out with a unique scheme of giving one kg of tomato free to his passengers, is Anil Kumar, he is giving 1 kg of tomato free to the customers traveling in his auto, who carry at least 1 kg of tomato with them. Will travel five times.

Anil Kumar has also put a poster of his scheme on the back of his auto, in which he has written that one kilo of tomatoes will be given free to customers traveling 5 times.

Auto driver used amazing brain

After which tomato, which has become a topic of discussion in every household, has now become a part of the scheme of auto driver Anil, through which he is engaged in increasing his business.

Regarding his strange scheme, Anil Kumar said, “Auto driving is my only source of income… By doing such service, I feel satisfied. Apart from his tomato scheme, Anil Kumar has been providing free services to army personnel for the last 12 years.” Also, they do not charge any fare for taking pregnant women to the hospital.

Not only this, he has also announced free auto driving for 5 days if India wins the upcoming India-Pakistan cricket match.

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