Fuel Rates: A big blow to the common man, petrol and diesel prices increased after 137 days, check the rate of your city

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New Delhi, 22 March. The common man has got a big setback on Tuesday. Today, domestic oil companies have increased the prices of petrol and diesel. Today, 80 paise per liter has been increased in petrol and diesel and it is feared that now this increase is going to continue continuously. The reason behind this increase is being told the effect of the Russo-Ukraine war, because due to this war, there are continuous fluctuations in the prices of crude oil.

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Hike in petrol-diesel prices after 137 days from today, Petrol & diesel prices per liter- Rs 110.82 & Rs 95.00 in Mumbai; Rs 105.51 & Rs 90.62 in Kolkata; Rs 102.16 & Rs 92.19 in Chennai respectively.

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