‘How can anyone name the alliance as INDIA’? Nitish Kumar got angry in the opposition meeting

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The opposition parties should unite and plan to defeat the Modi government in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. For this, he also held a meeting in Bengaluru for two days, but now news of estrangement has started coming in this alliance.

In fact, on the second day of the meeting, it was announced to name the opposition alliance as India (Indian National Development Inclusive Alliance). According to sources, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar did not like this name. He has objected to this.

Sources said that there was no discussion with the Congress regarding the name of the opposition alliance, so Nitish Kumar was surprised when the name surfaced. He even raised the question that how can any alliance be named India?

Congress hijacked the alliance?
According to the sources, all the opposition parties believed that the Congress has worked hard to unite the opposition, but now some people are feeling that the Congress has hijacked this alliance. In such a situation, the leaders of JDU and RJD have got a shock.

did not appear in the press conference
After the meeting, the opposition parties held a press conference, but Nitish Kumar was not seen in it. It was later learned that he had left just before the end of the meeting. From there he left for Patna.

What did BJP say?
At the same time, former Deputy CM of Bihar Sushil Kumar Modi has also taken a jibe at Nitish Kumar. He claimed that Nitish Kumar did not get the responsibility of convenor in the alliance, so he is angry. For this reason he and Lalu Yadav left PC and came back.

Nitish had suggested this name
According to another report, Nitish Kumar had asked to name the alliance Indian Main Front, while Omar Abdullah proposed the name Bharatiya. Apart from this, many other parties had also given their opinion regarding the name, but all were sidelined.

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