How to fix WhatsApp web no valid QR code detected error?, learn here

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No valid QR code in Whatsapp web, how to fix it?

WhatsApp The messaging platform has become the most popular app in the world. The web version of WhatsApp has made it easier for users to access chats on a larger screen. However, there are times when users face login issues, especially related to scanning the QR code required to start WhatsApp Web.

How to fix WhatsApp Web?

While there is no statement from the authorities yet, several social media users who faced the error have started tweeting about the issue on Twitter. There is no official solution yet, but if you are experiencing WhatsApp Web, no valid QR code was detected error, you can try the solution suggestions given below.

No valid QR code in Whatsapp web, how to fix it?

Using the built-in WhatsApp QR scanner

It is important to note that WhatsApp Web QR Code only works with the built-in QR code scanner, not random QR code scanners. Hence, users should make sure that they are using the in-built QR scanner in the WhatsApp app on their phones. If that doesn’t work, users can try other options.

camera lens cleaning

Sometimes the camera lens can cause problems while scanning the QR code. Users should confirm that the camera lens is clean and free of dust or any other obstruction that may affect image quality.

Checking Internet Connection and Speed

Another reason for failing to scan the QR code could be poor internet connection. Users should check their internet speed and connectivity to ensure that their connection is stable or not. A slow internet connection may cause the QR code to fail to load, resulting in the WhatsApp web cannot detect a valid QR code error.

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