How to link iPhone to Windows 11, know all the steps here

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How to link iPhone to Windows 11, know all the steps here

Microsoft recently announced that it is globally rolling out its Phone Link feature for iOS on Windows 11. The feature is already available for Android users and now Microsoft is making it easier for iPhone owners to connect to their Windows PC. Phone Link for iOS will allow users to make and receive calls, send messages via iMessage, access contacts and view phone notifications on their Windows laptops.

Microsoft’s new Phone Link for iOS on Windows 11 will help users stay connected to their phone while using their PC. Once supported, the app will provide basic iOS support for calls, messages and access to contacts. This means that when a users phone is away from the focus, they will receive notifications on their Windows PC and can choose what action to take. In addition, Microsoft’s iCloud integration with Photos makes it easy for users to access their iPhone photos on their PC from within the Photos app in Windows 11.

If you also want to link your iPhone or Android phone with Windows, here is a step-by-step guide line for you.

Before we begin it’s important to know that Phone Link connects to a phone over Wi-Fi, a mobile data network, or a hotspot. For a smooth connection over Wi-Fi, both the PC and the phone must be nearby and turned on. Also it should be connected to the same network. The PC to Phone Link functionality can be accessed as long as both devices are online.

How to link iPhone to Windows 11, know all the steps here

How to link iPhone or Android phone to Windows 11 PC

Here are the easy steps on how to link Android phone to Windows 11 PC using Phone Link app.

1 – Type Phone Link in the search box on the taskbar and select the Phone Link app from the results.

2 – Now open the app and select Android or iPhone.

3 – Sign in to your Microsoft account (use the same Microsoft account on both your phone and PC).

4 – Install or open the companion app on your phone by entering the link on your PC ( in a web browser on your phone.

5 – Sign in to the companion app with the same Microsoft account you’re signed in with on your PC.

6 – Now, on your PC, select the check box on ‘Link to Windows App’ and then select pair with the QR code button.

7 – Scan the QR code displayed on your PC screen using the companion app on your Android device.

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