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If you do this mistake while charging, then your smartphone will be dead

If you do this mistake while charging, then your smartphone will be dead


Nowadays, when we go to buy a mobile in a market or online, then our aim is to buy only a smartphone with fast charging support, because due to fast charging, the mobile is charged very fast and we spend less time on it. can use. Although smartphones with fast charging did not come earlier, but now it has become a part of every brand.

So now be it Samsung or Redmi, Realme or OnePlus, all Oppo smartphones come with support for fast charging. Although this technology of fast charging is very useful, but its disadvantages are also very dangerous. So let us tell you today how chargers with fast charging support can make your smartphone dead.

Keep these things in mind while charging

Actually let us tell you that fast charging support which does not work in every smartphone and its limits are also different. That is, most of Samsung’s mobile phones come with fast charging support of 18W or 25W, while Realme smartphones come with 18W, 33W, and 67W and some smartphones also come with support for 150W.

Because of this your mobile may also be dead

You might have also seen or heard that many times when you turn on the smartphone, it automatically turns off immediately and its problem is seen in those smartphones which are about 2 years old.

Although there can be many reasons behind this, but in most cases fast charging is the biggest reason. Actually, let us tell you that many people have a habit that they use fast charging to charge their phones quickly so that they can be charged quickly. As we have told you earlier that fast charging which is different for every phone and does not support in many smartphones, due to which mobile phones which do not support fast charging and they charge with this charger. The phone goes dead.

Apart from this, many times users also charge the phone using the charger of a laptop with charging support of Type-C, due to which the smartphone can be dead.

how to prevent phone dead

So if you also want to save your smartphone from being dead, then whenever you charge the mobile phone, use your original charger, adapter or cable only. It should not happen that someone in your house has a charger with fast charging and it does not support your phone, yet if you charge using it, then your phone can be dead. Therefore, it is better to charge the mobile using the original charging only.

Hope you enjoy this information. And you can also share it with your friends, so that they do not suffer any harm.

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Story first published: Saturday, April 30, 2022, 15:35 [IST]


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