Karnataka Elections: ‘Winnable’ Will JDS Lose 25 Seats? Kumaraswamy told the reason for lack of funds

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Karnataka elections: JDS leader Kumaraswamy has said that if there was no shortage of funds, it could have won 25 more seats. He has claimed to get more seats than Congress-BJP.


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Karnataka elections: HD Kumaraswamy said - JDS will lose 25 seats due to lack of funds, still claims majority

JDS leader and former Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has said that his party may lose up to 25 seats in which it was likely to win. He has cited financial difficulty as the reason and due to which he has not been able to help the candidates.

Not a king maker, claims to be a king
JDS leader Kumaraswamy has definitely said that it may lose up to 25 winnable seats due to fund crunch. But at the same time he has also claimed that his party will still be ahead of Congress and BJP. He has said that JDS will not become kingmaker but will become king in the state.

Could not provide funds to the candidates – Kumaraswamy
Kumaraswamy said, ‘I am sorry that I could not provide financial help to many of my candidates. I was hoping that I could get the help of funds from people, but I have got a bit of a shock. In many seats where there were winnable candidates, such as Chikkaballapura and Doddaballapura, I failed to provide financial help to the candidates in the final stage. ,

‘The party did not get donations as per expectations’
He has said that due to paucity of funds, he has suffered a setback in about 20-25 assembly constituencies where he was expected to win. “Some seats have taken good money from party funds and some winnable seats I could not give enough funds and it has caused a lot of setback,” he said. I could not support him as per expectations, because the party did not get as much donation as expected.

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Will still be ahead of Congress-BJP – Kumaraswamy
He said, ‘I could not live up to the expectations of the candidates, it is my fault. In about 50-60 seats where our candidates have given a good fight, I could not succeed in giving funds as per the expectations. He said that ‘I had expected more than 120 seats…..But despite the financial constraints, we will still be ahead of Congress and BJP.’

Answer postponed on JDS’s role in the situation of hung assembly
When he was asked about the role of JDS in the situation of a hung assembly, he said, ‘Look, when such a situation arises, then I will discuss it.’ When asked whether JDS would emerge as king maker in this election, he said, “Not just king maker, our party is going to become king, let’s see.” JDS got 37 out of 224 seats in the last election. (Source-PTI)

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