Police complaint against 26 opposition parties for using the name INDIA, case registered at Delhi’s Barakhamba police station

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oi-Anjan Kumar Chaudhary

The matter of naming the electoral alliance INDIA has reached the police station on behalf of 26 opposition parties gathered in Bengaluru. A complaint has been lodged regarding this at the Barakhamba Road police station in Delhi.

The complainant alleges that these 26 parties have misused the name INDIA for political gains. It is noteworthy that on Tuesday, 26 opposition parties against the BJP in Bengaluru had announced the name of their political alliance as INDIA.

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Police complaint against the use of the name INDIA
According to news agency ANI, a complaint has been filed against 26 opposition parties at the Barakhamba Road police station for ‘improper use of the name INDIA and use of the said name for undue influence and appearance in elections’.

call for appropriate action
This complaint has been filed on the request of Dr. Avinash Mishra, demanding appropriate action against these parties. Significantly, the opposition parties have named this INDIA by combining five words Indian, National, Developmental, Inclusive, Alliance.

Infringement of State Marks Act – Complainant
The complainant has claimed that the name INDIA is a violation of the Emblem Act. Under this law no one can use the name INDIA for his personal benefit. It has also been alleged in the complaint that it has hurt the sentiments of the people.

What is Emblem Act?
Under the Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act, 1950, its section-3 prohibits the improper use of certain national symbols and names given in it. This prohibition on unfair use applies to use for a business, profession, design, patent title. In some cases, the central government can allow its use on the basis of conditions.

According to this Act, notwithstanding any existing law, no person shall be allowed to use any name or symbol included in the list or any similar or imitation thereof without the previous permission of the Central Government or any officer authorized in that behalf.


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