Pradeep Mehra: Who is Pradeep Mehra, who runs 10 km at midnight to join the army

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Who is Pradeep Mehra?

Who is Pradeep Mehra?

Let us tell you that there is a 19-year-old boy with Pradeep Mehra, who has become a star overnight through social media. Pradeep has to join the Indian Army as a soldier and that is why when he returns home from McDonald’s at night, he returns running. Pradeep runs 10 km everyday. He reaches Barola village every day by running from Sector 16 to his house.

Pradeep is a resident of Almora district

Pradeep Mehra hails from Chaukhutia village of Almora district in Uttarakhand and has passed his 10th and 12th examinations from Tadagatal Inter College here. After completing 12th, Pradeep had to come to Noida for the treatment of his mother. He is living in Noida Barola village for the last 7-8 months. Here he lives with his elder brother.

At the age of 17, the army's first recruitment exam was given

At the age of 17, the army’s first recruitment exam was given

Let us tell you that Pradeep Mehra had set a target of joining the army at the age of 14-15. He says that he has to join the army as a soldier so that he can fight for his country on the border. Pradeep believes that he does not want to die an anonymous death, but he wants to die as a martyr. Pradeep had given the army recruitment examination for the first time at the age of 17, but he could not pass in the race. From then on he decided that he had to join the army.

Pradeep's love for soldiers

Pradeep’s love for soldiers

Pradeep, a resident of Almora, says that he has heard and seen a lot about the soldiers since childhood. In his village, he sees the soldiers and used to hear about them, since then he had decided that I have to join the army only. Pradeep says that he is very fond of what a soldier does for his country and that is why he was obsessed with the army since childhood.

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