Samudrika Shastra: Not only beauty but also nature tells women’s breasts, know how?

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By Gyanendra Shastri


Published: Wednesday, May 25, 2022, 7:00 [IST]

New Delhi, May 25. oceanography Whole body analysis has been done. By the way, it is a Sanskrit word, which means only “knowledge of the characteristics of the body”. According to oceanography, every part of the body says a lot about a human being. Within this scripture, every part of the human body has been analyzed. According to this scripture, women’s breasts not only tell their beauty, but they also tell the nature of women very well.

Let us know how women’s breasts tell about their nature.

  • Heavy Tits: Women who have heavy breasts, they are sexy, intelligent and wealthy as well as smart.
  • normal breast: Women who have normal breasts, they are simple and faithful.
  • small breast: Women who have small breasts, they are emotional and simple.
Who is lazy and who is poor?

Who is lazy and who is poor?

  • loose breastsWomen who have loose breasts, those women are lazy and poor.
  • wide breasts: Women who have wide breasts are smart, independent and live life on their own.
beautiful woman

beautiful woman

  • There should be a difference between the two breasts: If there is a difference in the breasts of a woman, she is of beautiful thinking but she does not fit well with them.
  • Both breasts are the same: If both the breasts of a woman are the same, then such women are very ambitious and achieve whatever they want.
  • If breasts are buried: Such women are weak and unworkable, although they are pure in heart.
Which women are beautiful, sexy and hardworking?

Which women are beautiful, sexy and hardworking?

  • nice breasts: Such women are beautiful, sexy and hardworking, they prove to be good wife or girlfriend.
  • Round Breasts: Such women are cunning and cunning but rich.
  • Oval breasts: Such women are few but are sharp of mind and rule their husbands well.

Who is sweet, gentle, loyal?

Who is sweet, gentle, loyal?

  • High Nipples: Women whose nipples are always standing are selfish but love their family very much.
  • Tilted Nipples: Such women are sweet, gentle, loyal and hardworking and are the darlings of the family.
  • Have light hair on the breast: Such women are very clever and conspirators and take their revenge in every situation.

Story first published: Wednesday, May 25, 2022, 7:00 [IST]

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