Sanjay Singh scolded Tejashwi Surya, said – children like you drink tea outside our house in UP-Bihar

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  You are a new age boy, don't know much

You are a new age boy, don’t know much

During the TV debate, Sanjay Singh reprimanded Tejashwi Surya and said that he is a new age boy, he does not know much. If you want to meet an elected Chief Minister, there is a protocol, you ask for time and meet him. But you are breaking their cameras there, breaking barricades, this is a terrorist incident. Terrorism means putting people in panic, the incident that Tejashwi Surya did is a terrorist incident. These people lost Punjab, lost Delhi thrice, their deposits were forfeited, these people have now come down to hooliganism.

People like you serve tea in UP-Bihar

While scolding Tejashwi Surya, Sanjay Singh said, listen brother, be quiet first, listen quietly, don’t do hooliganism while sitting on the national channel. You are still children, children like you keep sitting outside our houses inside UP-Bihar. Sitting outside the house and drinking tea. So don’t do hooliganism, be polite. Have seen many goons like you, I am in politics for 25 years. If you have come after being chosen, what hooliganism will you do?

These people shed crocodile tears

These people shed crocodile tears

Attacking Tejashwi Surya, Sanjay Singh said that your history is that 8 year old girls were raped in Kashmir, then you were taking out a tricolor yatra in support of the rapists. Your ancestors were informers of the British. Hate in your thinking, you guys are the Indian sparring party. Surya, your terrorism has been seen by the whole country. When Kashmiri Pandits were being chased away, you were part of the government. You did not apply ointment on the pain of Kashmiri Pandits. You were in power for 14 years, you don’t do any work, only crocodiles are shedding tears.

BJP's action comes under the category of terrorism

BJP’s action comes under the category of terrorism

These people only do drama, what is the history of these people in the freedom movement. You people have spied on the British. People who have betrayed the country are talking about patriotism. These people did the coffin scam, they are people of terrorist thinking, their thinking got Gandhi killed. They believe in fighting. CCTV cameras are used to hide crime, to hide hooliganism, this is what these people have done. It comes under the category of terror, comes under the category of terrorism.

  Tejashwi Surya retaliated

Tejashwi Surya retaliated

While hitting back at Sanjay Singh, Tejashwi Surya said that I am not a boy but a representative elected by the people. They should not make such statements. If the issue of Kashmiri Pandits is alive then it is alive only because of BJP. This issue is alive because of BJP founder Syama Prasad Mookerjee. He sacrificed his life for Kashmir, we take inspiration from him. If there has been a reduction in terrorist incidents in Kashmir above 60 per cent, then it has come because of the Modi government. If Article 370 was removed and the interests of Kashmiri Pandits were secured, it was because of the BJP.

  These people are denying the atrocities on Kashmiri Pandits

These people are denying the atrocities on Kashmiri Pandits

Amanatullah Khan and Tahir Hussain of Aam Aadmi Party are goons. Every party has the right to protest under the constitution. It is our constitutional right to siege. This protest was not about the film Kashmir Files, it was against the democratic government which is rejecting the genocide of Hindus of Kashmir. By dismissing this whole incident, he is proving that he is with the terrorists. Terror is what happened to Kashmiri Pandits, which these people are denying.

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