Seema-Sachin Love Story: New revelation on room number 204 of the hotel where both stayed in Kathmandu

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Everyday new revelations are happening in the love story of Pakistani woman Seema Haider and her Indian lover Sachin Meena. He had claimed that both of them had stayed in a hotel in Nepal for a week before entering India, but their names were not there in his register. In such a situation, suspicion has increased on both of them again.

According to the report of news channel India Today, his team went to the hotel in Nepal where both claim to be staying. The hotel manager, Ganesh Rokamagar, had agreed to give rooms to both of them, but their names were not in the register.

According to the manager, he did not take ID from them, just asked them to write their names in the register. Many hoteliers in that area do this. They believe that both made wrong entries in the register.

Both stayed in room number 204 for about a week. The room was very small, it had only one double bed. Those people used to pay his daily rent of Rs.500. According to the manager, both used to spend most of the time in the room. He also went to visit Pashupatinath Temple and surrounding areas.

Seema Haider was insisting on going to the pub one day, but the manager advised her not to go. He told that Indians are cheated a lot in the pubs there, so it is not right for them to go there. Both agreed on this. Ganesh also suspects that both of them got married in the same hotel room.

Getting to know the manager’s family
Seema and Sachin had made good acquaintances with Ganesh’s family. He also shot a few reels with their children, but now they have been deleted. According to the manager, both used to mingle so much that no one suspected Seema to be Pakistani.

Both stayed in Kathmandu for about a week, after which one day they took a taxi and left for Pokhara. After this, Seema illegally entered India with her four children.

On what is there doubt?
Many of Seema’s answers are roundabout. Recently her first husband living in Pakistan had claimed that Seema’s brother and uncle are in the Pakistan Army. In such a situation, there is also a doubt whether he is a Pakistani spy or not?

Suspicion on ID card too
In Pakistan, the ID card is made at the time of birth, but the card that Seema Haider has, has a date of 20 September 2022 on it. In such a situation, there is a doubt that why did Seema take so long to get the card made? Currently UP ATS is searching for answers to these questions.

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