‘sincere thanks ! Neither he would reject, nor would he become the king of IPL.

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New Delhi, 28 May.
‘Hardik’ thank you, neither would you have turned down, nor would I have become the king of IPL. Gujarat Titans captain Hardik Pandya must be thinking something similar about his old team Mumbai Indians. Sometimes there are messages of happiness hidden even in sorrow. This is felt after some time.

Some people considered Hardik as a paid Chauhan. But he turned out to be the Alexander of fate. Where was the career at stake, where was the captaincy? It is icing on the cake that the team also reached the finals of IPL.

Mumbai rejected, Gujarat embraced

Mumbai rejected, Gujarat embraced

When the Indian team was selected against New Zealand in November 2021, Hardik was dropped due to fitness and poor form. Hardik was once compared to the great Kapil Dev. But there came a time that the leaf was cut from his team. All-rounder was tagged. But due to back problem, he was not able to bowl. The bat was not running as per the name. Before the start of IPL this year, Mumbai Indians released him from the team. He was an important player of Mumbai. Matches were considered finisher. But earlier this year, Mumbai also shunned him. No one could trust him. But the team management of Gujarat Titans was thinking differently. The reason for his different thinking was batting coach Gary Kirsten and head coach Ashish Nehra. He had full faith in Hardik’s ability. The fitness problem was a matter of time. When Mumbai refused, Gujarat Titans embraced him. Not only was he given a huge amount of 15 crores, he was made captain directly. This decision of Gujarat Titans was also criticized. Some people even laughed. But Hardik shut the critics down with a brilliant captaincy and all-rounder game. Gujarat Titans topped the league and is now in the final. While Mumbai slipped to the last position. Now Mumbai must be regretting why it didn’t release Pollard instead of Hardik.

453 runs, 5 wickets, 140 pace

453 runs, 5 wickets, 140 pace

Sometimes the stumbling blocks of life shake a person’s self-esteem. Then he decides to do something. Hardik got the back surgery done. attained fitness. Worked hard to get the rhythm. The hard work paid off. He has so far scored 453 runs in the journey till the IPL final. Took five wickets in bowling. The merit of his bowling was that he achieved a speed of 140 kilometers per hour. It is really amazing to bowl like this after recovering from injury. Hardik did not play any match after November 2021. Went straight to play IPL and set the flag of success. He played as a batsman in the 2021 T20 World Cup. He was unable to bowl due to back pain. Controversy erupted over Hardik’s selection as a batter. When India failed miserably in this competition, Hardik came under attack. But he made a strong comeback forgetting all the failures. Today, big surmas have faded in front of them. It’s true that it happens after stumbling insa…

Hardik a brave captain

Hardik a brave captain

Former Australian cricketer Brad Hogg believes that Hardik Pandya will prove to be the best captain of the IPL. They have leadership abilities of a high order. He will also become the captain of India’s ODI team in future. A good captain is the one who knows the strength of his players and trusts in that quality. Hardik himself has said that he has learned a lot from his mentor Mahendra Singh Dhoni. The art of captaincy too. Till now Hardik has captained with a calm spirit. In the fourth match, if Shami’s episode is left out, he has led the team with a very cool mind on the field. Batting coach Gary Kirsten also believes that he is an inspirational player. He leads from the front as captain, which boosts the morale of other players as well. Hardik is 28 years old now. He has mesmerized everyone with his sportsmanship. Rashid Khan, who played a key role in the success of Gujarat Titans, is also convinced of Hardik’s ability. He says that he (Hardik) is not afraid of anyone. Whoever is in front of you remains absolutely fearless. Take bold decisions and take them with full confidence. Think with an open mind. Allows fellow players to play in their own style. These qualities make him a different captain. Rashid Khan is the vice-captain of Gujarat. Obviously if they think so, then Hardik Pandya is 24 carat gold.

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