Smartphone Care: If the smartphone gets wet in the rain, then follow these tips, no need to get it repaired

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Smartphone Care : Nowadays the rainy season is going on, in such a situation, if you are going out with a smartphone and suddenly it rains, then it is obvious that the smartphone will get wet with water. In such a situation, if you have a safety cover, then there is a possibility of survival of the Smartphone, otherwise its internal parts may get damaged due to water. If you often go out in the rainy season, then today we are going to tell you such tips that can keep your smartphone safe even after getting drenched in rain water.

remove water from wipers

If you take your smartphone out of the house and suddenly it rains and there is less water in the phone, then you should bring it home and clean it with the help of a wipe. Actually, the wipe removes small droplets of water and helps in keeping the smartphone completely fine. If your smartphone comes in contact with water, you can use wipers to prevent it from getting damaged. But you should use this method only when there is only a little water in the phone. In case of excess water, you should show it at a mobile shop only. Please note that the current smartphone cannot be opened.

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use raw rice

You may find it a bit strange that how rice is useful in repairing a smartphone, but let us tell you that rice absorbs water. In such a situation, if you accidentally take your smartphone outside without a cover and the smartphone gets wet due to rain, then you do not need to worry. All you have to do is bring the smartphone home and place it in a container filled with rice. You should keep in mind that during this time you do not have to try to turn on the smart phone, you have to remove the smartphone after a day. When you take the smartphone out of the container the next day, you will find that the smartphone is completely fine, as all the water has drained out of it. This method usually works.

Take care of your smartphone like this when you get wet in the rainy season

Seal in a polythene with Silica Gels

If your smartphone gets drenched in water during the rainy season, then close it in a polythene containing silica gels. Silica gels are effective in keeping anything warm and therefore you can find them in shoe bags, in polythene bags of electronic goods or in things that come from online shopping sites. In this way you can keep your smartphone dry during the rainy season.

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Story first published: Monday, August 8, 2022, 7:27 [IST]

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