Sonia Gandhi Sovereignty Controversy: Congress said, sovereignty should not be used in Karnataka’s election rally

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The Congress has given clarification on Sonia Gandhi’s alleged comment on sovereignty. The party has clarified that the alleged controversy of ‘Sonia Gandhi Sovereignty word’ during an election meeting in Karnataka and the claims related to it are false.


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Sonia Gandhi is in the dock for the alleged use of the word Sovereignty. The BJP lashed out at the Congress and said that the intention to separate Karnataka from the country has been exposed. Now the Congress has given a statement on the use of the words Sonia and sovereignty.

Sonia’s speech in cleanliness

The content of Sonia Gandhi’s speech at Hubballi rally was allegedly objectionable, to which the BJP reacted sharply. To clarify the situation, the Congress has tweeted the highlights of the speech.

Sonia did not use the word sovereignty

The Congress has said that Sonia Gandhi never used the word ‘sovereignty’ in her rally speech during the Karnataka election campaign. The party has removed the incorrect tweet.

History of Karnataka and Congress related to Indira

Congress shared the content of Sonia’s speech in detail. It is written in it, Sonia Gandhi said at the rally in Hubli, when Indira ji was struggling against the repressive policies of the central government in 1978, the people of Chikmagalur had fully supported her.

Sonia said, 24 years ago when he contested the Lok Sabha elections for the first time, I also got the trust and support of the people of Bellary. He invoked that the BJP government is a government of darkness. Raise your voice against this.

Without naming the BJP, Sonia had said in her speech, ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ was organized against those whose job is to spread hatred. The kind of atmosphere created by the loot, lies, arrogance and hatred of the BJP government.

According to Sonia, the Bharat Jodo Yatra made the BJP so nervous that it has resorted to all kinds of repression. He asked sharp questions and asked – don’t you think that those who are in power today, dacoity has become their business?

Referring to the Congress-JDS government being reduced to a minority after the last assembly elections and the mandate of 2018, Sonia said, the people of Karnataka did not hand over power to them in 2018, but they grabbed power by committing dacoity.

Sonia warned the BJP not to consider the people of Karnataka as helpless and helpless. The people of Karnataka do not rely on anyone’s blessings, but on their hard work and determination. The people of Karnataka are not cowards, they are not greedy for you to lure them.

On May 10, the people of Karnataka will tell you what soil they are made of, he said. Ignoring the interest of lakhs of farmers and milk producers, their conspiracy to commit dacoity on good institutions like ‘Nandini’ is not going to be successful here.

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Former Congress President Sonia Gandhi said, five years back Congress had struggled a lot to fulfill its promises in Karnataka. He claimed that the Congress governments in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Himachal are fulfilling each and every promise they made.

Notice to Sonia from Election Commission

The Election Commission also took cognizance in this matter amidst the aggressive attitude and complaints of the BJP. The Commission has also summoned Sonia to reply in this regard. BJP has demanded cancellation of recognition of Congress.

What did PM Modi say on Sonia’s statement

According to reports, PM Modi himself raised this issue during the election campaign and said, the disease of Tukde-Tukde gang has reached the top Congress leadership. He also tried to link it with Kannada identity.


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