Sphatik stone: Removes the negative energy of the house.

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Published: Tuesday, August 9, 2022, 7:00 [IST]

New Delhi, 09 Aug. To live happily in any house, it is necessary that there should be a flow of positive energy in that house. There are many remedies mentioned in Vastu Shastra to make positive energy flow by removing negative energy in the house, one of them is to use crystals. According to Vastu, having crystals in the house is very auspicious and with this, the bad Vastu of the house can be corrected. For this, a crystal ball is used, which is placed in the eastern part of the house where the morning sunlight comes.

benefits of crystals

  • As soon as the crystal comes in contact with any living being, plants, animals or environment, in the same way, the positive energy of that creature or object increases manifold.
  • Sphatik increases the life force manifold. Due to increased vitality, our internal ability to fight diseases is strengthened and health improves rapidly. Wearing rhinestones protects against infectious diseases.
  • Sphatik provides protection to those who are surrounded by negative energy. It increases the flow of pure divine energy.
  • Sphatik balances the seven chakras of the body and purifies them and develops their working capacity.
  • Due to its cool nature, crystal gives health benefits by pacifying the mind, disease and agitation of emotions.
  • Crystals absorb the harmful radiations emitted by modern electronic devices.

crystals need to be cleaned

Sphatik absorbs negative energy from the environment and humans, creatures everywhere, so it is also necessary to purify it from time to time, otherwise it will not be able to show its full effect. Rhinestone beads, balls or other objects made of it, idols etc. should be washed thoroughly with sea water or salt water once in 48 hours. After this, wipe it thoroughly with a cotton cloth and place it on your left palm, keep the right hand up and feel in the mind that the crystal has become pure. Keeping the crystal in direct contact with sunlight for a few hours also purifies it.

Story first published: Tuesday, August 9, 2022, 7:00 [IST]

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