Sun Line: Such a line on the palm that gives a lot of respect and happiness

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Published: Saturday, June 4, 2022, 8:00 [IST]

New Delhi, 3 June. In palmistry, although the smallest and smallest line has great importance, but some lines are such that it is very important to have the best quality. One of these lines is the Sun line. In the palm, at the root of the ring finger is the mount of the Sun. The line reaching the Sun mountain from any part of the palm is called the sun line. The origin of the sun line can be different, but the end point is the mount of the sun, so it is called the sun line. The place from where this line originates also affects the life of the person.

  • Some of the main origin of the sun line
  • This line starts from the mount of Venus and reaches the mount of Sun.
  • Starting from the end of the life line, the Sun goes up to the mountain.
  • Starting from the mount of Mars, it reaches crossing the heart line.
  • starts from the head line.
  • The sun line also originates from the heart line.
  • It starts from Mount of Moon and goes to Mount of Sun.
  • Similarly, the sun line can have many origins.

sun line effect

  • A long, clear and straight line of the Sun bestows fame, prestige, prestige.
  • If this line is clear in both the hands, then the person attains complete success.
  • If this line is without any torn, full length, then the person does not lack anything.
  • Small sun line gives success to a person after hard work and struggles.
  • At the place where the sun line cuts, he changes his business work in that part of his life.
  • If the palm is deep and the sun line is clear, then the talent of that person is not used properly.
  • If the sun line is thin or faint, then that person is not able to make full use of his art.
  • If there is an island sign in the path of the Sun line, then he becomes bankrupt. fail.
  • If the Jupiter mount is strong and the Sun line is deep, then the person has relations with very high people.
  • If there is a star sign on the sun line, then a person achieves worldwide success through his art.
  • The place where the sun line is deepest in the palm, the person gets special money in that part of the age.
  • If there is a point at the end of the Sun line, then the person has to suffer a lot. Success comes in the end.
  • If there is a constellation sign at the end of the sun line, then the person gets nationwide success.
  • If there are many small lines at the end of the Sun line, then the person only gets failure.

Story first published: Saturday, June 4, 2022, 8:00 [IST]

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