The first blow to the opposition alliance ‘INDIA’, Jayant Chaudhary got angry, tweeted and told what is the weakness of the opposition

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Jayant ChaudharyAfter two days of brainstorming on how to defeat the BJP-led NDA in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the opposition meeting ended on Tuesday.

In the meeting, 26 opposition parties shouted to defeat the NDA, but there were some leaders who did not like the agenda of the meeting and their displeasure is slowly coming out.

The first name among these is Rashtriya Lok Dal i.e. RLD chief Jayant Chaudhary. Jayant Chaudhary has expressed his displeasure by tweeting that all the issues were discussed in the meeting of the opposition, but no one spoke a line on how to compete with Narendra Modi. Jayant Chaudhary tweeted on Wednesday, ‘ Inside news from the meeting of the opposition in Bengaluru …, in the meeting every leader talked about the issues and agenda of the people, what are the challenges before the opposition coalition INDIA, This was also discussed…. But, there was no discussion on Modi ji.

Let us tell you that Jayant Chaudhary did not even attend the first meeting of the opposition held in Bihar’s Patna on June 23 last month. At that time there were speculations that all is not well between RLD and Samajwadi Party. The news even spread that Jayant Chowdhary might join the NDA like Ajit Pawar and Omprakash Rajbhar, but the RLD chief called it a mere rumour. Now once again new speculations are being made from Jayant Chaudhary’s tweet.

Is Nitish angry with the name of the opposition front INDIA?
On the other hand, there is news that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar also has objection to the name of opposition front INDIA. When the joint press conference of the opposition was held on Tuesday, Nitish left for Patna before that. However, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge clarified on this and said that the return flight of many leaders was already fixed, so they could not attend this press conference.


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