‘Very happy, want BJP to lose’, says TMC MP Saugata Roy after Congress gets majority in exit polls

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Saugata Roy on Congress Majority Exit Polls:
As soon as the Karnataka elections were over, exit polls started coming in the evening. Which party will win in this election, who will be the king, it will be clear only on 13th May. But the poll of exit polls has made the Congress workers happy. There is a wave of happiness in the Congress party.

According to exit polls, Congress is coming to power. Congress is seeing 107 to 119 seats. Seeing Congress getting majority figures in exit polls, TMC MP Saugata Roy has given his reaction. He said that I am very happy that the Congress government is being formed.

Saugata Roy said that Congress is far ahead and most likely to get absolute majority in Karnataka. He said that I am very happy that Congress is winning. I want BJP to lose.

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