What is the difference between Opinion Polls and Exit Polls in Karnataka Elections?

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The exit poll results for the Karnataka assembly elections are out. In which Congress seems to be getting an edge. These results are matching with the opinion polls.


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Voting for all 224 seats in Karnataka was completed on Wednesday. After which many news channels and media houses released the results of exit polls, in which Congress was seen winning. Let’s know how much these results match with the opinion poll-

First of all, Zeenews-Matrize had given 121 seats to the Congress in the opinion poll, while the party got only 111 seats in the exit poll. At the same time, BJP got 74 seats in the opinion poll, while it has 81 seats in the exit poll. JDS has the same 29 seats in the opinion-exit polls.

Jan Ki Baat
In its opinion poll, BJP got 112 seats and Congress got 92 seats, while in exit poll they are 106 and 98 respectively. At the same time, JDS was shown 31 seats in the opinion poll, while it has 19 in the exit poll.

The ABP-CVoter opinion poll gave the Congress 121 seats, while the exit poll predicted 196 seats. At the same time, BJP, which got 74 seats earlier, came down to 89 in the exit poll. This poll had given JDS 29 seats in the opinion poll, while now it has slipped to 25.

Indian TV
India TV had told in its opinion poll that Congress can win 105, BJP 85 and JDS 32 seats in Karnataka. His figure is also close to this in the exit poll. In this, Congress was given 110-120 seats, while BJP was shown on 80-90 seats. Whereas JDS can win 20-24 seats.

Times Now-ETG Exit Poll
In Times Now opinion poll, Congress got 91 seats, BJP 89 and JDS 40 seats. Now on the exit poll, Congress was shown on 113 seats, BJP on 85 and JDS on 23 seats.

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