Why Imran Pratapgarhi fits in the ‘troupe’ of Congress? Second ‘Imran’ empty handed

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Imran Pratapgarhi's lottery in Congress list

Imran Pratapgarhi’s lottery in Congress list

The list of 10 candidates for the Rajya Sabha elections released by the Congress late on Sunday night has cleared the situation regarding the internal politics of the party. It is because of eating inside the party that there are allegations that those who are closest to the Gandhi family have won the lottery. One of them is poet Imran Pratagarhi, who could not even think of going to the upper house from UP, so the party high command has made him its candidate from Maharashtra. Imran, who has kept Pratapgarh alive with his name, is probably the party’s biggest Muslim face, as the name of senior Congressman Ghulam Nabi Azad is missing from the list. Imran Pratapgarhi is quite young too.

Who is Imran Pratapgarhi?

Who is Imran Pratapgarhi?

Imran Pratapgarhi has contested the last Lok Sabha elections from Moradabad in UP and is currently the national president of the minority cell of the Congress. Before becoming a politician, he was famous as a poet. Imran has been able to make a place for himself in the hearts of the Congress high command very soon due to his poetry targeting the BJP. This is the reason that despite losing the Lok Sabha elections from Moradabad in 2019, the party, like the rest of the defeated leaders, has bet on them from Maharashtra, where the Congress has so many MLAs, which makes it possible for them to reach the Rajya Sabha. In a very short time, he has made close not only with Sonia Gandhi, but also with Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. But, behind the Congress’s attempt to make Imran Pratapgarhi the biggest Muslim face of the party, another Imran can also be considered, who left the Congress with the SP with the aim of defeating the BJP before the last UP assembly elections. (Second photo – from Pratapgarh’s Twitter)

Imran Masood's remorse came?

Imran Masood’s remorse came?

Imran Masood, the former MLA of Saharanpur, was considered a leader with the largest mass base of the Congress, especially in western UP. This is the reason why Rahul Gandhi did not let him get away from the Congress despite the worst hate speech ever against Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Because, Congress kept thinking that Masood has his own charm among Muslims. But, before the UP assembly elections this year, Masood took Akhilesh Yadav’s cycle. Even after the election results, Masood did not regret his decision. In an interview to the Indian Express in late March, he had said, “As far as the Congress is concerned, similar results were anticipated. Whatever I said was the voice of many leaders inside the party, not just mine. From the very first day of the election, it was visible that the people were not seeing the Congress in the fight. I don’t understand why they couldn’t see what was happening on the ground when I was watching? I explained the leadership a lot, but unfortunately I failed. But, perhaps Masood is now regretting that if he had kept looking at the eyes of the high command at that time, then today the list of Rajya Sabha candidates could have been different!

'I ask if I am less qualified'

‘I ask if I am less qualified’

Well, Imran Masood is not even in Congress yet. But, with the announcement of Pratapgarhi’s name, Nagma, general secretary of Congress’s Women’s Cell and vice-president of Mumbai Congress, reacted sharply on Twitter, writing, ‘Our 18 years of penance fell short in front of Imran Bhai.’ But, Nagma did not breathe for that much. Pointing the finger directly to the Congress President, he wrote, ‘Soniaji, our Congress President had personally promised me a place in the Rajya Sabha in 2003/04, when I joined the Congress party at his behest, then we were in power. were not. It’s been 18 years since then, he didn’t get a chance. Mr Imran is being sent to Rajya Sabha from Maharashtra, I ask if I am less qualified.

'Mandi' dominates Congress?

‘Mandi’ dominates Congress?

Nagma is not alone. There are reports of huge disappointment and negativity within the party regarding the Congress list. Most leaders are of the view that despite the party going through such a crisis, it seems that the thinking and working style of the high command has not changed. The Telegraph Online quoted an angry senior party leader as writing, “There is a congregation in the party and the same congregation will be transplanted in Parliament.”

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