Why was Biplab Kumar Deb removed from the post of CM just before the elections? This was the reason for his resignation

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Updated: Saturday, May 14, 2022, 17:28 [IST]

New Delhi, May 14. The BJP has also taken this step in the North East state of Tripura after the Chief Ministers were changed before the elections in Karnataka, Uttarakhand and Gujarat. Actually, Biplab Kumar Deb has resigned from the post of Chief Minister. Assembly elections are due in Tripura next year and the state will get a new chief minister just before the elections.

biplab kumar deb resign

What did Biplab Kumar Deb say after his resignation?

After submitting his resignation to the Governor, Biplab Kumar Deb while talking to the media has said that he has been clearly asked to resign from the party high command, we are going to start preparations for next year’s elections. Biplab Kumar Deb said that he will continue to work for the party. Let us tell you that Biplab Kumar Deb had met Home Minister Amit Shah a day before the resignation, so it is believed that Shah must have asked him to resign.

Reason behind Biplab Kumar Deb’s resignation

After the resignation of Biplab Kumar Deb, everyone is curious to know why BJP removed its youngest Chief Minister in Tripura? If we talk about the reasons for this, then the first reason that comes to the fore is that there was increasing resentment in Tripura BJP regarding Biplab Kumar Deb.

For the last few years, the opposition of Biplab Kumar Deb was increasing in his government. Many party MLAs came to Delhi and complained to the high command. There were allegations against him that he was not taking the organization and the leaders of the organization along.

Due to displeasure with Biplab Kumar Deb, 2 MLAs left the party some time back. In such a situation, the party did not want to take any risk, so in view of the elections next year, the party decided to change the CM.

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