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Worried about your phone’s battery life? Just make these changes in the settings

Worried about your phone’s battery life?  Just make these changes in the settings

1- Take care of Discharge Cycles

The very first mistake that we make with our smartphone is that we connect the charger at any time to refill the battery, which is completely wrong. All the batteries in our smartphone have discharge cycles and most of the batteries wear out after 400-600 discharge cycles. Connect the phone charger only when your battery is about 10 to 20% left, it will automatically extend the battery life of your smartphone.

2- Do not use cheap chargers or cables

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using an iPhone or Android device, never use cheap chargers or cables. Make sure you are using an original and certified charger and cable to refill the battery. We know that original chargers and cables are expensive but they reduce the chances of spoiling the battery life of your smartphone.

3- Make the storage empty

If the storage of your smartphone has increased too much, then you should empty it immediately because due to this there is a lot of pressure on the processor of your smartphone, and the battery consumption also increases a lot. In such a situation, the battery gets exhausted after a few hours of use, but if you keep the storage clear then the battery consumption can be reduced.

4- Use black and white wallpaper

This is the hack that everyone should try and we have tried it too. Replace your home screen and lock screen wallpaper with black and white wallpaper instead of punch colors. You will eventually see less battery drop after applying this hack.

5- Keep the brightness medium

If you do not need it, then you should always keep the brightness on medium because one way it affects your eyes. The second is that it also increases the battery consumption very fast. If you want to save battery, always keep the brightness low and set it to high only when needed.


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